Thursday, April 08, 2010

Klaus Badelt lets you name your own price

Howdy gang,

If you read this blog, you probably have some appreciation of music in film, and if that's the case, today is your lucky day. Klaus Badelt has been scoring films since 1998, one of my favorite works being the score for Constantine that was co-created with Brian Tyler. Also, let's not forget TMNT and Pirates of the Caribbean. Klaus has been a busy boy lately, working on 8 projects in 2010, and either the stress has gotten to him or he's just feeling generous, but he's giving away 2 of his scores over at his website (visit the Klas Badelt Store)

I'd encourage you to give a little for the downloads. It's name your own price, and you can pay to have the full CD, but I know most of you will pop over and download the losses, DRM free, versions for free. I bought mine today (granted it was only a couple of bucks, but hey...I give what I can) so you should scoot on over and do the same. Help spread that score love. Here's a couple of samples from the two he's offering.

Debts by Klaus Badelt from L'arnacoeur

Exchange by Klaus Badelt from Spear of Destiny

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