Thursday, April 15, 2010

This podcast will kick your ass. Kick-Ass this weekend,might not.

We had a great time in the studio this week. The phone rang off the hook, we filled lots of requests, and talked about some good films. We reviewed the film Diary of a Wimpy Kid, discussed DVD releases this week, and listened to lots of great music. Last weekend was such a boring weekend for new releases, but this weekend we'll go check out some new stuff so you can get our expert opinions next week. Don't forget, if you want to email us requests or questions during the week, hit us up at [driveinspeakerbox AT gmail DOT com ] Also, become a freaking fan on facebook already! Why wait for it? You'll meet lots of hot singles, get free offers on stuff you like, and be able to connect one on one with the Gaffer and I! Sounds hot yeah? Well get on over and be a fan! See below for the music we played this week...

Beneath the 12 Mile Reef - Bernard Herrmann
Up - Michael Giacchino (2009)
Deliverance - Eric Weissberg (1972)
200 Motels - Frank Zappa - (1971)
Akira - Shoji Yamashiro (1988)
Kundun - Phillip Glass (1997)
I Heart Huckabees - Jon Brion (2004)
Transformers: The Movie - Various (1986)
Moon - Clint Mansell (2009)

Beneath the 12-Mile ReefUp (Single Disc Widescreen)Deliverance200 MotelsAkiraKundunI Heart HuckabeesThe Transformers - The MovieMoon

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