Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Everything we talked about tonight is based on mediocre books.

Of the bevy of films seen this week, I actually hated Hunger Games the least, not because of its particular merit as a film, but because of its lack of certain characteristics as a blockbuster; mostly this had to do with the filming of certain scenes - little or no sound, quick, jerky editing, instances of real emotional maturity. It must be said, though: the cave scene was monstrously lame. The Lorax epitomized everything wrong with children's films: spazziness, randomness, a lack of emotional involvement, an "extreme" grandparent...fuck all that. It's the emotional involvement thing that really irks: films in which nothing sad happens (or, rather, can happen) can't really have the power to truly uplift either. Don Bluth, where have ye gone? And Mirror, Mirror? Well, people like The Princess Bride, so I guess they shouldn't hate this; it certainly didn't have the ridonkulous preponderance of Tarsem's other films, so there's that.

We heard music from:

Yellowstone, 1994 - Bill Conti
Gladiator, 2000 - Hans Zimmer
Dutch, 1991 - Various
The Jetsons, 1990 - John Debney
Journey to the Center of the Earth, 1959 - Bernard Herrmann
Robocop, 1987 - Basil Poledouris


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