Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lockout, The Raid, and Facebook.

Pack it up, pack it in, this Drive-in Speakerbox blog is about to begin. This weekend we were blessed by the unexpected presence of the much-hyped Indonesian martial arts actioner The Raid: Redemption. Bullets flew almost as fast as the fists and the techno-whumpy score. It was intense, and lacked the obviously-choreographed "delicacy" of most films of this ilk. The action was hilariously brutal and had an accompanying sense of unease and tension I don't usually experience from watching face punches. Lockout, on the other hand, was as forgettable a film that I'd watch and forget on Netflix Instant except that I just saw it in the theater, as I've ever seen. Save for the delightful (and dreamy!) Guy Pearce, all I can really say about Lockout is that it was a movie. Oh, and the special effects looked like scenes from the 1994 computer game System Shock.

We heard music from the following:

The Beyond, 1981 - Fabio Frizzi
Karate Warrior 2, 1988 - Stefano Minette
Lost in Translation, 2003 - Various
Teen Wolf, 1985 - Miles Goodman
Day of the Triffids, 1962 - Ron Goodwin


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