Wednesday, April 04, 2012

A great show, fueled by rage.

(Original Post date 3-12-12)

Oh, bless his heart, the Boom Operator was having a time this week: meltdowns abounded, which means today's show was an ass-kicker...not like any of you can even listen the the goddamn podcasts with Mediafire's lawyers clutching tightly to our musical content like so many caricatured tycoons. It's hard to be the little college radio station that could sometimes.

It was a sad week, actually, as we received word of the passing of comic legend Jean Giraud (Moebius). I actually broke the news to the Boom on-air, causing in a secondary meltdown. I don't think Moebius had worked in a while, but the man was responsible for an incredible portion of the artistic miens of science fiction visual art in film and print for the last 40 years. He'll be remembered.

The B.O. went on review John Carter of Mars, which he said was surprisingly fun before lamenting its predicted fiscal failure.

We heard music from:

X: The Man with X-Ray Eyes, 1963 - Les Baxter
Body of Evidence, 1993 - Graeme Revell
The Fifth Element, 1997 - Eric Serra
Time Masters, 1982 - Various
John Carter of Mars, 2012 - Michael Giacchino
Tron, 1982 - Wendy Carlos


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