Monday, August 20, 2012

Total Redux

Original Airdate: 8 - 6- 12
What is there left to say about the new Total Recall movie? It exists. Films are products of their historical boundaries, and remaking them often removes their entire contextual flair, replacing them with boring au courant-isms and leaving the skeleton of a plot to dryly limp around. Paul Verhoeven's 1990 film was not high art by any stretch, but what a movie: explosive, beyond-parody exploitation. There's a hooker with three tits, a killer Olson twin, fifty prosthetic screaming Arnold heads, a baby mutant poobah in a dude's belly...the new film has robots and Colin Farrell and a lot of rain. What will people of the future think of the cultural evidence of these two films? One is stupid and fun; one is stupid and boring. Alas.

We heard music from:

Tucker: The Man and His Dream, 1988 - Joe Jackson
The Illusionist, 2006 - Philip Glass
Demon Seed, 1977 - Jerry Fielding
The Specialist, 1994 - John Berry
The Proposition, 2005 - Nick Cave, Warren Ellis


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