Monday, August 20, 2012

Who watches the Watch? Hopefully no one.

Original airdate: 7-30-12
For today's show we had a measly review of the not-worth-the-effort The Watch, but I suppose the big industry news is that Peter Jackson's The Hobbit is now, somehow, a trilogy. Besides the obvious moneygrab motive, I can only speculate as to why/how a 200ish page children's book is going to be inflated into three, presumably long, films. Internet scuttlebutt says Jackson wants to plumb what we aren't directly shown through The Hobbit's story - things which appear in the LotR appendices and which, I don't think, were known during the book's writing, Tolkien only exploding that particular universe much later. Diegesis, y'all! What worries me is that Jackson might be pulling a Lucas here - revisiting his own narrative territory with more money and fewer figurative demons to slay: the results are uninvolving at best. Is difficulty and/or censorship good for artistry? That's a controversial debate I'd love to not have right now.

We heard music from the following:

It! The Terror from Beyond Space, 1958 - Paul Sawtell
Total Recall, 1990 - Jerry Goldsmith
The 'Burbs, 1989 - Jerry Goldsmith


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