Monday, March 17, 2014

Boondock Taints

(original podcast date 3-17-14)
We bitched and moaned about St. Patrick's Day because, well, it's topical and because we survive on a delightful IV of haterade. But yes, it's that "Irish" time of year again, meaning that frat-fucks around the country will claim an indiscernible Irish heritage while ordering offensive car-bombs and vomiting green beer onto coeds all in the name of venerating a Catholic saint.

We went on to such topics as "True Detective," Amazon Prime, and Lars Von Trier's wiener-opus, but you should listen for yourself, you lazy prick. Why am I synopsizing for you!?

We heard music from:

Subspecies, 1991 - Richard Kosinski
The Color of Money, 1986 - Various
Leprechaun, 1993 - Kevin Kiner, Robert Walsh


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