Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Feeding the Hype Machine

Howdy folks!

This weeks program was a doosey! Though, when is it not? I played music from the following films:

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Bram Stokers Dracula (1992) - Phillip Glass & Kronos Quartet
Paprika (2006) - Hirosawa Susumu
Videodrome (1983) - Howard Shore
Top Gun (1986) - Harold Faltermeyer
Once Upon a Time in the West (1968) - Ennio Morricone
Lord of the Rings (1978) - Leonard Rosenman
Big (1988) - Howard Shore
Risky Business (1983) - Tangerine Dream
Drowning by Numbers (1988) - Michael Nyman
The Karate Kid (1984) - Bill Conti
Amacord (1974) - Nina Rota
The Wiz (1978) - Charlie Smalls

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In other news, the 45th New York Film Festival just passed and apparently Wes Anderson is once again fooling everyone into believing that he's a phenomenal director. They screened the premiere of The Darjeeling Limited (which stars none other than Anderson's cronies Owen Wilson and Jason Schwartzman, as if that's a real surprise); also if you missed the other Anderson stroke fest (literally), the internet has been stirring with praise over his recent short film Hotel Chevalier (view whole film) or (view what you'd just fast forward to anyway). Don't be fooled by his artsy pans, his interesting tracking shots and his stale signature use of hipster approved music...what everyone is really happy with is seeing Natalie Portman's keister.

Anderson aside, there's another high clout director that's got everyone's cine-panties in a bind and that's Francis Ford Coppola. He'll be showing his first film in a decade, Youth Without Youth, over at the Rome Film Festival next month. Hopefully he'll dazzle us as he did with Jack (1996) and Captain EO (1986).

Oh, and before I forget... I ♥ Jackie Chan.

When Disney was rad.

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