Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Hate it? Don't Pay, just like Wesley Snipes!

Howdy Folks,

Another week down and another show for the masses! Plus tons of neato movie news! This week I played music from:

The Ninth Gate - Wojeciech Kilar - (1999)
28 Days Later - John Murphey & Brian Eno - (2002)
Paprika - Susumu Hirasawa (2006)
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Michael Kamen - (1991)
Agatha - Johnny Mandel - (1979)
Twilight Zone: The Movie - Jerry Goldsmith - (1983)
The Hobbit - Maury Laws & Jules Bass - (1977)
Batman: Mask of the Phantasm - Shirley Walker - (1993)
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century - Stu Phillips - (1979)

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In other news, Japan is awesome. Though we already knew that right? Awesome because of people like Takeshi Miike, whose new film "Sukiyaki Western: Django" is already causing a stir with the posters alone! Protesters were pissed due to a scene where a man was hung from a Tori (one of those sacred Shinto arches) so they had to change the promotional material, cause that scene was smack dab on the front! (click here for the article) (click here to check out the originals) Though, if the people don't like the movie then they shouldn't see it...or better yet, they shouldn't pay! In an article from JapanNewsReview.com a movie theater in Hiroshima is allowing customers to pay based on if they like a movie or not...given our current Hollywood state, I'd save so much money on movies!

Speaking of our current Hollywood state...You know what isn't awesome? Ben Stiller. His new movie "The Heartbreak Kid" isn't doing what was expected on its opening weekend, according to the Pittsburgh Tribune Review. (Even though it made $14 million) You know what though? The Farrelly brothers can cry me a freaking river. It doesn't take a genius to know that this is just a recycled "There's Something About Mary (1998)", which is no surprise...if the US recycled half as much as Hollywood does, our sustainability would skyrocket. I bet you had no idea Hollywood is so green.

Though it's not all sad news over here in the states, the trailer to the new Futurama feature length DVD has been released and it's given me a full on robo chub. I'm almost glad the series got canned early on so I could have three feature length movies. Cause frankly Sci-fi is in need of help lately, and Matt Groening is just the man to do it. Check out the trailer below:

Also, Wesley Snipes is STILL in legal battles over his tax evasion antics ($12 Million antics that is)from 1996-97. I guess he forgot that New Jack City was only a movie. According to Chicago's Metromix Snipes' lawyers asked for "more time to prepare" and then the judge was like "Naw son." Looks like you aren't karate kickin' out of this one, Snipes.

A dress and a nice rack don't always pay the bills.

Before I forget, these guys make me embarrassed to be a Star Wars fan. Embarrassed, but also envious.

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