Tuesday, October 16, 2007

They got WHO to do that?

Howdy Folks,

October is my favorite month! I can't wait for the 4th Annual Drive-in Speakerbox Halloween Spooktacular! Though, that's another post entirely. First, let's recap last night's show, I played music from:

Thief - Tangerine Dream - (1981)
Forbidden Zone - Danny Elfman - (1980)
Judge Dredd - Alan Sylvestri - (1995)
The Fox - Lalo Schifrin - (1967)
The Royal Tenenbaums - Mark Mothersbaugh - (2001)
The A-Team - Mike Poste & Pete Carpenter - (1983)
Killer Clowns From Outer Space - The Dickies - (1988)
True Grit - Elmer Bernstein - (1969)
The Third Man - Anton Karas - (1949)
Warning Sign - Craig Safan - (1985)


In other news, I think Hollywood has lost its mind completely. Reading my weekly film news, my jaw came unhinged more than an 8th grader in a girls locker room. Why? Firstly, because Ben Affleck's directorial debut "Gone Baby Gone" opens this week. I was really hoping that most of the film would stay on the cutting room floor. Seriously...who let him DIRECT a movie? He can barely be around a movie set without intense levels of suck being caught on camera. Remember Glory Daze? Armageddon? Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back? Daredevil? Gigli? GIGLI for pete's sake!?! Now we're letting him make movies? It's as if he's that really ugly relative you have that you don't want in any of your family photos so you make them stand behind the camera and take the photos. They just don't have it in their heart to kick him out of Hollywood completely.

I wonder if Affleck was somehow responsible for Chris Pine getting casted as the new Captain James Kirk in the new Star Trek (you guessed it) remake. What? You didn't hear? Take a deep breath. I'm not even a big Trek fan (Though I never missed an episode of Next Generation) but I can't believe that this kid is being cast for such a legendary role along side Eric Bana and Simon Pegg. Just our luck huh?

watch the trailer

Also, I was reading that Netflix is starting a new online movie show, to I guess "help" increase traffic on the web based rental company's web site. The funny part? It's hosted by Dana Carvey. Yep. Dana "please forget I was in The Master of Disguise" Carvey. He hasn't had an acting gig in 5 years. I almost want to sign up for Netflix so I can cancel my subscription.

Though, not all things are as bleak as I paint them. Even in this world of washouts, no talents, and remakes; sometimes you see an potential gem pop through, maybe not a diamond...but at least a turquoise. Such is the case with the new film "Sleuth" opening this Friday in limited release, which is a remake of the 1972 original of the same name. The good part? They both star Michael Caine, though in the remake he passes the role of Milo Tindle on to Jude Law. Let's hope this coming week has some better news for us, yeah?

It's no wonder this was his last acting gig.

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