Tuesday, October 23, 2007

October fun time!

Howdy Folks,

This weeks show was a lot of fun, I played music from the following:


The Omega Man - Ron Grainer - (1971)
Fright Night - Brad Fidel - (1985)
A Touch of Evil - Henry Mancini - (1958)
The Dead Zone - Michael Kamen - (1983)
House 2: The Second Story - Harry Manfredini - (1987)
The Howling - Pino Donaggio - (1981)
Ravenous - Damon Albarn & Michael Nyman - (1999)
Dellamorte Dellamore - Manuel Du Sica - (1994)


The last hour of the show was music from films that will be shown at a local horror film festival I'm helping put together. For those of you that aren't local then, sucks for you, cause it's going to be fun! It will be going on all this week...here's the flyer.

In other news, there was a pretty interesting interview with Sam Raimi done by those crack journalists over at VH1.com. He touches on the state of Spider-man (but after that third one, who cares) as well as a Hobbit film and possible resurrection of the Evil Dead franchise. Evil Dead has been a long time coming for a sequel or something, and Raimi says "if I could get together with Bruce and Rob, and we could get a story together and the financing, a lot of things would have to come together, but it would be nice." Which sounds to me like he's blowing a giant steam cloud out his fanny. A lot of things have to come together? WHAT? Like picking up the phone and going "Hey Bruce, buddy, want to be super duper famous?" to which Sam would probably hear nothing on the phone but heavy breathing, some excited jitter noises, the sound of a lot of poop being ejected into a pair of jeans, and Bruce Campbell collapsing into a faint induced heap. I've read in other interviews that Campbell is completely ready to do it, but just knows that Sam is a busy guy anymore. Also, Sam went on to say "I think it would probably have to be made as a cheap, cheap picture," he said, rejecting the big-budget mindset. "That's the only way it could be true to what it really wants to be." so how much effort does that leave for "financing" Sam? You big blowhard.

On a more hilarious note, looking for that perfect Christmas gift for the office? Well, you're in luck! Orson Welles' Academy Award is going to be auctioned off in December by Sotheby's, who estimated that it will sell for around $800,000 to $1.2 million. (which I guess was calculated by a complex algorithm that measures pretension with the ratio of money to brain cells) Doesn't anyone know these things are worthless? They aren't even filled with chocolate either. That's probably why Welles lost it in the first place, and it didn't resurface again till 1994. (article) Better start saving now kiddos.


PS - David Lynch is kooky and makes me chuckle.


ssarah said...

At first I was upset because I figured someone related to Welles was greedily selling the Oscar, but then I read the linked article and saw that a non-profit which owns it is selling it. Then I was like, huh, LA-based non-profit that "supports various educational, health and other causes."

Can't wait for this weekend, boiii. Am I gonna see you around?

The Boom Operator said...

Ha, yeah, I love that he cared so much about it that he lost the sucker. That non-profit will probably put the money to better use than any Welles would have, spending a cool mil on chocolate covered foigras wrapped in a swallows nest or something.

Oh yes, you will see me around this weekend, Eric asked me to DJ at the Massacrunk, but considering my costume, it might be difficult. Just keep an eye out for something creepy that looks like it had too much work for a sane person to put into a costume.