Saturday, December 15, 2007

Saturday Score Selection #2 - Delta Force

Yeah yeah yeah, maybe I posted this just so I'd catch a flurry of Chuck Norris related web traffic. However, since you're here, let me tell you a little about the score to his film Delta Force. Okay, so maybe the movie was a steaming pile. Of gold. Though we're not here to talk about karate chops, machine guns, or handle bar mustaches, I'm here to talk about the composer Alan Sylvestri...who oddly enough is about as cool as a machine gun with a handlebar mustache karate chopping a girl in a bikini, who is dressed like a pirate, and holding your favorite beer and mouthing the words "Take me now". I suppose that doesn't tell you about this score, or does it? The main theme is enough to put on repeat and make you do push ups till your pecs are so juiced that you could crack a petrified walnut with them. Which I guess makes sense, as the rest of the score is surprisingly quiet and atmospheric, but very competent. Everyone needs a cool down right? The only other tracks that makes you want to pull triggers, punch faces and slap supple female bottoms is the middle and last one, appropriately tilted "Saved" and "Landing" as they are the victory/finale songs respectively. Enjoy the tune.

Alan Sylvestri - Delta Force Theme - download via yousendit


Anonymous said...

Oops, link expired.
Anyway good to know there's a soundtrack.
Since the tune in that movie was still lingering in ma ear approx 10 or 11 years ago.

The Boom Operator said...

Check my link in my blog archives called "Saturday Score Selection Archives". You can find all of them streaming for your aural pleasure.