Monday, December 17, 2007

Youtube: The Movie

Not exactly the newest news cause you've probably already ignored the advertisement on facebook and myspace like I have for days, but Knoxville and the gang have made a new feature length movie. I'd almost rather eat at turd than watch them do it. Okay I lie, I'll watch it 4 times, and crap my pants but not eat the turd. Though, what's so damned special about watching you get kicked in the nuts AGAIN? Well, it's viewable completely free and on the internet, that's what. It's also apparently the first broadband movie ever to be released by a major studio. Breaking new ground by breaking your faces...clever Knoxville. Though youtube beat you to it. You just know how to make millions from it. Mad props. How about a major studio give me money for Fireworks War. Oh well, anyway it premiers on Dec 19th.

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