Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday Score Selection #3: Midnight Express (1978)

This weeks score selection hails from the of one of the greatest Italo Disco masterminds that greasy boot ever kicked into stardom. Giorgio Moroder. There's something about haunting electronic scores that really gets my film panties in a bunch, the kind of bunch that you don't even want to pick out either. Many of the tracks are atmospheric electronic soundscapes with gentle melodies, but then you get hit with a track like "Istanbul Blues" which is strange electronic/blues ballad, and then he sends a creepy experimental sound montage at you in the track "The Wheel". Though all of these are outshined in my opinion by the classic track "Chase" which is what I leave you with this week. You may also recognize as the theme song to the AM radio program "Coast to Coast AM" listened to by many dorks, nerds, lonely truckers, conspiracy theorists, and genius millionaire playboy badasses (i.e. me and my good buddy over at

Giorgio Moroder - Chase - download via yousendit


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