Monday, March 10, 2008

Saturday Score Selection #14: Robocop 2 (1990)

music by
Leonard Rosenman (1990)

Sure this score selection isn't on Saturday, but it's a special one. If you haven't heard, Leonard Rosenman died just the other day at age 83. I'm not going to write an obituarty or anything, you can check that stuff out here (courtesy of LA Times). However, I will say that this guy was a pimp, and speaking of pimps, I'm giving you a taste of his work with the metallic law enforcement pimp Robocop. Robocop 2, while no where near the film that the first one was, still had a robot-man-machine shooting up bad guys and saying "Drop it!" in a respect yielding monotone voice. That deserves at least a little merit. Anway, Rosenmans work is suspensful, exciting, and even whimsical at times which creates a good listen even if it wasn't as good of a watch. I leave you with two tracks from the film that I particularly enjoyed. R.I.P. Leonard, you will be missed...

Download "Robocop Overture" by Leonard Rosenman
Download "Robo Cruiser" by Leonard Rosenman

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soundtrackgeek said...

Aah good old Leonard. Robocop 2 wasn't his best score, but it had it's charm. Thanks for the memories :)