Sunday, March 02, 2008

Saturday Score Selection #13: Airwolf (1984)

music by Sylvester Levay

Oh man, this is such a gem. The score to this classic 80's television show will make you want to drive your attack helicopter in to the most trendy 80's fashion store and buy red leather. Sylvester Levay created a synthed out masterpiece in this show and now's about the time you noticed! There are exciting moments, ballad moments, and everything in bewteen. If you like Tangerine Dream scores, you'll probably dig this one. I leave you with two great tracks...Enjoy!

These are from the recent re-recording by Mark Cairns
Download "Hawke's Run Kingdom Come" by Sylvester Levay
Download "Sins of the Past" by Sylvester Levay


soundtrackgeek said...

Aah! Thanks for the good memories. I love this score, and it has one of history's most memorable main themes.

SurgeFilter said...

Honestly, the Japanese Airwolf/Knight Rider album isn't in the same league as the real thing.

I'm enjoying the real thing currently! The awesome new, digitally remastered (true) Airwolf soundtrack that they've just released called 'Airwolf Themes' which you can download off Apple iTunes Store, or from their official website where there are great teaser samples,

All the episodic themes you remember are there.

SurgeFilter said...

I may also add that the two links above (Track 10 and Track 20) are actually from the new Airwolf Themes and not from the artwork you've listed above. May I suggest you source the Airwolf Themes artwork off Wiki or something.

Those two tracks are actually by Mark J.Cairns and not Sylvester Levay as well as an addendum.

The Boom Operator said...

Curse blogger, as I wrote a long reply and then it got lost in the posting process. In short, thanks reading m blog and pointing out that fact about the Mark Cairns project. I did some more reading about it, as I had only seen it in brief internet search results and found that he did quite an amazing job rerecording all the original Levay pieces. Very cool.

I've updated the main post as well. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous said...

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