Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday Score Selection #16: American Gladiators

American Gladiators (1989)
Music by
Dan Milner & Bill Conti

Ever since NBC decided to resurrect the sleeping titan known as American Gladiators, I've been thinking about the old show a lot. This new show isn't half of what the original was, since all the new gladiators are pretty much muscle heavy sissies, and aren't real all around athletes like some of the old gang. Granted I'd more than likely die of a heart murmur and lung failure even if I just tried to play "Assault" (which has and always will be one of my favorite things ever) so those guys are in shape and all...but as with most things, it just ain't how it used to be. Which leaves me with the most radical of soundtracks by Dan Milner and Bill Conti. Bill Conti really is only credited for the theme (as pointed out to me by Mr. Milner, he only had 4 notes to his credit) but since Conti is such a musical gladiator in my mind, he should get a little credit. I've left you with the original theme as well as a medly I put together of some of my favorite Milner tracks from the soundtrack. Enjoy....or else it's to the gauntlet with you!

Download "American Gladiator Theme" by Dan Milner with thanks to Bill Conti
Download "American Gladiator Medly" by Dan Milner


Milnertrax said...

Thank you for your kind comments in regards to my compositions for the "American Gladiators" TV Series. It's much appreciated!

To that end though, I need to let you know, that is NOT a Bill Conti arrangement or track, Its all mine.
Produced, arranged, engineered by me alone.

Johnny Ferraro and Samuel Goldwyn wanted me to credit Bill as I used 4 of his notes and I agreed to do so to have the rest of the show for a number of years. Bill's theme you can hear on the first years episodes and is very different than mine. Just a note to set the record straight.

If you can or wish, it would be great to have both our names on the credit of your download since the final master is here in my vault, not in Bills!

Thanks again for the kind words, keep up the good work!

The Boom Operator said...


I'm honored that you would take the time to read and help fact check me! The information out there on the net needs to be corrected so Conti doesn't continue to steal all your fire!

I'll gladly change the credit info here on my blog, though I'm afraid that Hype Machine (which archives all this stuff) may be a little more tricky to update.

Working on any other fun projects lately? I'd love an update.

Anonymous said...

The link to download the theme songs are not working.

Anonymous said...

please fix the download link