Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Saturday Score Selection #19: Wavelength (1983)

by Tangerine Dream

Okay, so no it's not Saturday, and it's been ages since I posted one of these. I've been off my posting game for a while now, and I know that the hypem folks and a lot of you file searches love this little segment of my blog. So for that, I'm feeling like posting today.

Tangerine dream kicks butt, first and foremost. The scores they released over the past few decades are some of my favorites ever...partly cause I've a slight penchant for retro futuristic soundscapes. Enjoy these two selections that are particularly tasty from this very odd little film.

DOWNLOAD "Spaceship" by Tangerine Dream - via yousendit


DOWNLOAD "Sunset Drive" by Tangerine Dream - via yousendit

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