Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Ice storm and podcast woes

Howdy folks...

Some cruddy news this week over here at the magical Drive-in Speakerbox studios. We've had an ice storm over the past week and it has left our town in a bona fide disaster area. That means there was no show last week, so no podcast. Then to put the icing on the turd cake, the podcast from this weeks show is corrupt and full of nasty/hissy distortion. Story of my life...

Anyhoot. In short we talked about Underworld and Slumdog, bitched about DVDs and CGI movies, and played lots of awesome music as usual.

Go see Slumdog if you haven't already been coerced into cultural exploration by critics who run your life cause you're too afraid to take a chance and spend 2 hours and 8 bucks on something that might be interesting but you have no one else to test it for you. Cause it's pretty good....and if you've already seen it, then good for you!

Go see Underworld if you like vampires and werewolves running around playin fisticuffs and chop chop with swords and the like. Oh and also if you want to see a vampire Rhona Mitra having hot cliff sex with a wolfman.

See ya next week.

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