Friday, February 29, 2008

Lost But Not Forgotten: The Woman Chaser (1999)

The Woman Chaser - (1999)
dir. Robinson Devor

The Negative Cutter Says: This underground, overlooked and underseen, retro-noir, dark comedy, based on a forgotten 10 cent pulp novel by cult-pulp writer Charles Willeford (whose novels have also been made into Monte Hellman's "Cockfighter" (1974) and George Armitage's "Miami Blues" (1990)), is hip twisted fun, that cuts like the chipped razor blade you forgot to change be for shaving. Patrick Warburton, wielding his always fascinating persona, here with more depth than is usually asked of him but that he is certainly capable of, is spectacular as Richard Hudson, a man who could sell anything to anyone and a experienced used car dealer who moves to L.A. to start a new dealership. The dealership is very successful but it holds nothing for him, and neither does much of anything else; except art. He has an epiphany that he needs to create something to justify his existence, so he decides to make a film. His stepfather, a Hollywood director back in his hey-day but who is well past his prime now, is the angle and connection he needs. Richard completes his film, but it gets caught in the eternally bloody Hollywood war between art and product.

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The Boom Operator says: One of my heroes (Patrick Warburton) really showing us what he's made of. Piss, Vinegar, Creativity, and a dashing exterior. Well shot and enjoyable to the last frame, I don't know how this movie flew under the radar so completely.

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