Monday, September 10, 2007

Crystal Skulls? Been there done that.

Official Site

Yep, looks like our good pal Shia LaBeouf opened his pie hole and announced the title of the new Indiana Jones film. Though now it's on the films website. So, a Crystal skull huh? Sure, there's a running mystery around Crystal Skulls I just never thought Indiana Jones would bother with it. There's not a whole lot of fortune and glory in dusty old crystal you know? Unless it's this one. Though, if this movie about a Crystal Skull is as good as House 2: The Second Story (which is about a crystal skull) then we're in business. Check out the trailer:

We'll see how this plays out, I'm sure I'll need to take extra pants to the theater...but ole' Lucas just ain't what he used to be in my eyes. That goes for you too Mr. Spielberg. Though, they have decided to bring back Karen Allen as Marion Ravenwood from Raiders of the Lost Ark...and that's got me totally pumped, good move guys.

You're still my hero even though you're all old and stuff.

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