Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I hope Iron Man doesn't rust.

Howdy Folks,

This weeks show was stellar as usual, I played music from:

Hundra (1983), Ennio Morricone
Drugstore Cowboy (1989), Various Artists
The Beastmaster (1982), Lee Holdridge
Rocket to the Moon (1967), John Scott
Non Ho Sonno (1999), Goblin
Raw Deal (1986), Tom Bahler & Chris Boardman
Until September (1984), John Barry
Experiments in Terror (1967), Harry Mancini
and many Drive-in ads and film trailer audio clips, etc...as usual.

Download Show

Any suggestions on where to host these files? I'd like to keep them all archived for you folks, but server space ain't free. We'll figure this one out I promise.

In other news, the trailer to the new film Iron Man, based on the Marvel comic was released last night. Robert Downey Jr. is playing the lead in this film which leaves me on the fence about how crappy I think it's going to be. Jon Favreau is directing it for some reason, how he managed to get a budget that large is beyond me...cause Elf and Zathura weren't exactly masterpieces, and if I hear another person quote Made with "It's money baby!" I might start knocking teeth out. Don't get me wrong, I like Favreau, I'm just not super confident in his directing abilities.
Hopefully Downey will bring his A game, which he does fairly often (i.e. The Singing Detective), which could make this one a winner...at least as far as comic book movies go.

Remember Gutter from PCU? I remember, Mr. Favreau, I remember.

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corexian said...

Hey man,

About hosting your files, do you mind them being Creative Commons or something similar? If not, I might know of a couple of places to put them up.

Also, I've got a band practice on Thurs. nite (20th), but are you doing music regularly for Art Amiss (is it even a recurring event)? I definitely like to check it out!