Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things to be excited about.

Howdy folks,

Tuesday has come and gone, and there were a handful of cool directors cuts, re-issues and a 80's classic now on HD that were all released yesterday that I'm pretty stoked about. Zoo is the only new film in the bunch and not for the faint of heart. Check em out:

With 96 Never Before Seen SECONDS! One of my favorite 80's sci-fi adventures!
Quirky caption! Pushing the boundaries with horse sex.

Also, I just read that Zsa Zsa Gabor has rotten legs! (read story) Which comes as no surprise since she's had 9 husbands, and lord knows how many gentleman callers in her 90 years of being alive. B-Spears, Lohan, and Paris combined ain't got sh*t on Zsa Zsa. This gal has been around the block so many times she left a groove in it. Doesn't mean she wasn't a fox in her prime though.

MC Rottenlegs bringin it gangsta style!

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