Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dat's a Spicy Film Festival!

Howdy Folks,

Looks like it's the start of the 64th Venice International Film Festival and things are hoppin'. All your favorite Hollywood hot shots are lined up to parade around for fancy photo-ops and to watch films that are better than what they've starred in in years. I'm particularly excited for the premiere of Nightwatching by the always interesting Peter Greenway. I was really hoping for a new score from Greenway's BFF Michael Nyman, though this film is scored by a relatively unknown Wlodek Pawlik. I'm sure it's stellar all the same.

In other news, angry teen favorite Tim Burton was awarded with a lifetime achievement award. Now don't get me wrong, I love me some Tim Burton films. (Frankenweenie and PeeWee's Big Adventure were important parts of my childhood development) but I just don't know if it's quite time for a lifetime achievement award. He's only directed about 20 films (Mars Attacks! and the Planet of the Apes remake included), and he's not even 50 yet. (and for the last time NO! he DIDN'T direct Nightmare before Christmas, Henry Selick did!)He's still got lots more baddassery left up his sleeves I'd wager, plus I've got big hopes for Sweeny Todd. I'm quite ready for Mr. Depp to be released from the shackles of wholesome family friendly characters and dive back into crazy wierdos that he's oh so good at.

I'll step off my soapbox for now, and keep my eyes on what goes down at this years fest...

Frankenweenie! Never forget!

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