Tuesday, September 04, 2007


Howdy folks,

Sorry about the troubles with getting the shows online. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this for free and still keep many shows online. Ideas, suggestions, donations? Lemme know.

September 3rd show DOWNLOAD (down temporarily)

In other news, the silver seas of the motion picture business are at an all time high in filthy lucre (6th highest in "modern Hollywood"), despite being at an all time low in creativity...while still managing to cry "VICTIM!" of film pirating. In an article from the Reno Gazette-Journal, Hollywood should finish with about a $4.15 BILLION summer (not counting the rest of the year or DVD sales), as reported by the box office tracker Media By Numbers...and for what? Digging up dead heroes from the 80's and making sequels to recent and already dull films? Next time you go to the theater, just look at how many films are either sequels or remakes, especially in the summer time. It might shock you, though you might have to be slightly savvy to catch some of those remakes...they don't exactly spell out their lack of creativity like they used to.
However, I can't say that I'm not still super excited about John Rambo. You take the good with the bad I suppose.

Speaking of high revenues, film pirates are making a killing lately. In an article from USA Today pirates made about $6.1 billion worldwide in 2005. The kicker? It's a close race, but the good ole' US-of-A is taking the lead from Asian-Pacific pirating by a whopping .1 billion dollars according to the MPAA and their ENIAC sized bullshit machine. GO USA! That's not even the best part. Now they're training dogs to sniff out a chemical in illegal DVD's! How rad is that? The future is now! (read the full story by clicking Rin Tin Tin)

Smells like DVD-Arrgghs!

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