Thursday, February 07, 2008

Lost But Not Forgotten #1: 99 And 44/100% Dead (1974)

Howdy gang!

I'm excited to offer a new weekly feature here at the Speakerbox, contributed by an old co-host of the radio show and dear friend of mine The Negative Cutter. He runs an out of print movie website All Clues, No Solutions, and each Thursday I'll be spotlighting one, giving you his short review, and you can even go buy it. CHEAP. Oh man, I'm pumped? How about you? Let's get to it.

"99 And 44/100% Dead" (1974) (John Frankenheimer)

The Negative Cutter says: "Offbeat gangster melodrama with pop art and new wave sensibilities; about a hitman (Richard Harris) hired by one mobster to knock off a rival gang, who has subsequently hired arch enemy hitman (Chuck Connors with an interchangeable appendage apparatus) to do the opposite. Kookiness abounds as characters and scenes seem out of moving comic books. Strange little absurdities pop up all over the place when least expected and actors play out bizarre sequences straight faced, all of which boldly feeds your curiosity. Stylish and peculiar. It is a lost mini-revolution of studio avant-garde deviation. Frankenheimer later regretted it but you might not."

1974 / 98mins. / English Language / Color / USA

Buy this for $7.00 on DVD.

(note from the Boom Operator: I love this movie, especially the scissor handed Chuck Connors.)


TSkiLove said...

Great flic,amazin opening inc. titles-

The Boom Operator said...

Couldn't agree more. Really surprised it hasn't been re-released.