Saturday, February 16, 2008

Saturday Score Selection #11: Non ho sonno (2001)

Non ho sonno (2001)
music by Goblin

When Dario Argento wants to slash up a bunch Italians and needs music to do it by, who do you think he calls? Goblin, that's who. If you've ever watched an Italian horror movie ever, you've probably heard some music from Goblin but might not have known it... these guys have scored some of the best. After a 20 year break, Argento and Goblin finally reunited for this project, and this score is pretty awesome. I almost want to put on some black gloves and slice someone right now. This score is creepy, suspenseful, but has that neato rock guitar sound that goblin works so well with. I leave you with two tracks I particularly enjoy that capture both the classic Goblin rock sound and the classic Goblin "oh shit something is in this room and it's going to garrote me" sound. Enjoy.

Download "Non ho Sonno" by Goblin via yousendit
Download "Ulisse" by Goblin via yousendit

Download the whole album from

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soundtrackgeek said...

Ooh, here's a score I missed. Thank you for this. Listened to the two songs and I liked what I heard.