Saturday, February 23, 2008

Saturday Score Selection #12 : The Never Ending Story (1984)

The NeverEnding Story (1984)
music by Giorgio Moroder

Of all the score selections I've done since I started the Saturday feature, Giorgio Moroder seems to be the most popular. So I decided to give you a little more of him this week with the classic "The Never Ending Story" score. Before you go and get your knickers all in a wad, you need to know that Moroder wasn't the only one who was involved with this project, though his main theme outlived all of the work Klaus Doldinger ever did for the franchise. Just for that, I'm not going to give you the main theme, as you've all heard it before. I figured instead I'd give you some of the other work that Moroder did for this film (though of the 15 tracks on the released score, he only did 5). Enjoy these fun Italo disco-esque adventure classics. Maybe one day I'll give you a taste of the other half.

Oh? I guess I left out a review...It's awesome. Have fun.

Download "The Ivory Tower" by Giorgio Moroder
Download "Sleepy Dragon" by Giorgio Moroder

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soundtrackgeek said...

Giorgio Moroder! Note to self, get more of his stuff.

For some reason, when I think of him I think of a weird little 80s movie called Electric Dreams...

There is a german version of this with 17 tracks. I wonder if they are scores or songs.